Artemis Velvet Maxi Dress Black | Womens Baltic Born Dresses

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Womens Size


Bust Waist Length
XS 78.7cm - 83.8cm 61cm - 66cm 147cm
S 83.8cm - 88.9cm 66cm - 71.1cm 149cm
M 88.9cm - 94cm 71.1cm - 76.2cm 150cm
L 94cm - 99.1cm 76.2cm - 81.3cm 151cm
XL 99.1cm - 104cm 81.3cm - 86.4cm 152cm
XXL 104cm - 109cm 86.4cm - 91.4cm 154cm
XXXL 109cm - 114cm 91.4cm - 96.5cm 155cm


Bust Waist Length Inseam
S 81.3cm - 86.4cm 66cm - 71.1cm 80cm 7.6cm
M 86.4cm - 91.4cm 71.1cm - 76.2cm 81.3cm 7.6cm
L 91.4cm - 96.5cm 76.2cm - 81.3cm 82.5cm 7.6cm

Sweaters & Outerwear

Length Width
One Size 157cm 35.6cm

Wedding Guest

Bust Waist Center Back Length
S 76.2cm - 86.4cm 66cm - 76.2cm 81.3cm
M 81.3cm - 91.4cm 71.1cm - 81.3cm 82.5cm
L 86.4cm - 96.5cm 76.2cm - 86.4cm 83.8cm
XL 102cm - 112cm 81.3cm - 91.4cm 85.1cm
1XL 107cm - 117cm 94cm - 104cm 86.4cm
2XL 112cm - 122cm 104cm - 114cm 87.6cm
3XL 117cm - 127cm 109cm - 119cm 88.9cm


Waist Length
S 61cm - 71.1cm 80cm
M 66cm - 76.2cm 81.3cm
L 71.1cm - 81.3cm 82.5cm


Waist Length Inseam
XS 61cm - 66cm 95.3cm 64.8cm
S 66cm - 71.1cm 96.5cm 66cm
M 71.1cm - 76.2cm 97.8cm 67.3cm
L 76.2cm - 81.3cm 99.1cm 68.6cm


Waist Length
S 71.1cm - 76.2cm 27.9cm
M 76.2cm - 81.3cm 29.2cm
L 81.3cm - 86.4cm 30.5cm

Baltic Born Womens Artemis Velvet Maxi Dress Black …

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Baltic Born Womens Artemis Velvet Maxi Dress Black


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